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In 2010, African Sun Productions finally launched its own enterprise. After filming and editing freelance for 7 years, covering 11 countries and 3 continents, ASP is now ready to serve the discerning hunter directly.


19.03.2011 ASP joined Cliff and Sharleen Walker for their wedding in Bulawayo. What a magical day it was!

31.03.2011 ASP and Tomkinson Safaris hunted with Laurence Wee from Singapore. Laurence shot many trophies including Buffalo, Elephant, Hippo and Crocodile.

ASP believes that you do the hunt, we film it. You won't even know you have a cameraman with you on the stalk, until you relive your day, sitting around the campfire with a cold one in the hand.

Will Primos
"I have hunted almost every day of my life, the rest have been wasted"

We always try to get the needed footage as it happens, so you don't need to re-enact it later on. Live footage capture the action, your emotion, and it will edit into the perfect movie.



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